S**t getting real!

Once I had decided to go and had been granted my career break I knew where my first stop would be; cant speak highly enough about Trailfinders. They sorted out my C.A. trip last year aswell and they are so helpful. I arrived into their office on Dawson street with no real clue of where, when or how and I left with a pretty clear plan and finally feeling excited!!
I booked an around the world ticket which included flights to Brazil, Chile to Auckland, Auckland to Brisbane,Brisbane to Cairns, Sydney to Singapore, Bangkok to Dubai and finally Dubai to Dublin. I added in the Brisbane to Cairns flight because I want to do East Coast Australia first. The whole trip cost 2,852euro. It sounded expensive to me at first and maybe If I researched and booked all the flights separately I may have got it cheaper, but for the hassle free option and security of Trailfinders I went for the lazy option.


 Once I had the flights booked it finally felt real and scary and terrifying etc etc. So I took to the google box to try focus myself and I came across some really good blogs and websites with itinerary lists, advice and travel stories. http://bemusedbackpacker.com/2013/11/11/solo-female-backpacker-safety-tips/ and http://solotravelerblog.com/women-traveling-alone-part-1-10-tips/ give some good tips for solo female travellers.

http://www.bootsnall.com/articles/11-09/how-a-career-break-will-shape-your-future-in-the-workforce.html and http://nomadicsamuel.com/category/travel-stories also had good stories and advice to help get in the zone.

Anybody that knows me knows I love writing lists and the more I read the longer the lists got but it definitely helped me realise how much I had to do and more importantly how much it was all going to cost!

I’m still in the list checking stage as we speak but I’m proud to say some things have been ticked off. With four months to go I’m trying to spread out all the prep costs over the paychecks as I want to avoid dipping into my savings for travel prep. I’d prefer to use it on a trip through the Amazon or Spanish classes in Argentina 🙂

So far I booked into TMB and got my yellow fever injection, (luckily I had most of the vaccines I needed already from my travels last Summer), I applied for a credit card, sorted my NCT on my car so It won’t be out of date when im back, researched and planned my South America trip, started Spanish lessons and borrowed Spanish C.D.s from a friend, enquired about a loan from Comhar Linn and I am currently researching what the best value health insurance to get.
It sounds like I have done a lot but there’s a lot still to do. What I am finding really helpful is carrying a small notebook in my handbag at all times. Whenever I meet friends or go anywhere I pick people’s brains about travelling and countries they’ve been. People are always delighted to share their experiences and advice so I always have the notebook to hand to jot things down.
Easter holidays now so hoping to get a lot more done. I will keep you updated!






Decisions Decisions….

I decided to set up this blog to log my around the world trip and anybody who wants to can keep tabs on me without me writing endless emails,whatsapps,vibers and the likes.                                                                                                                                       I am a primary teacher so I’m taking advantage of one of the many perks of
the job, the career break.  I always intended on travelling the world but doing it solo was not in the initial plan. As circumstances have it I was left with the choice a) stay and wait and hope for circumstances to change (sensible option) b) Go for it solo (feck it option) Needless to say I went for the latter. Already very happy I did after traveling Central America last year with one male friend I realised travelling alone wouldnt be as difficult or as scary as I had thought. I met so many female solo travellers that loved it and making decisions having to think of only yourself. Sounds good to me! #selfish