Checking Off the List.

Its the official countdown. I have accepted that the time is getting a little limited now. Main worries at the moment is the cost of everything. The ’emergency’ credit card is already getting well practiced!


Since my last post, many checklists have been made and lost and remade but some progress has been made. I finally decided on health insurance I went with Multi Trip for 200euro seems pretty comprehensive and Im going to keeping my health insurance. I did research all the insurers just because I have been caught out before with certain things not being covered. I ordered some bits and bobs from eBay like the infamous packing cubes, eye mask, ear phones and ear plugs.

After maxing out the credit card I decided to do some research instead for some excitement factor. I found great packing lists on just to add to the credit card list!

I found lots of inspiration and motivation from  Advice on travelling solo and hostels, luggage and just general tips.  I would definitely recommend reading a lot of varied blogs to get lots of different points of view and ideas. I spent too much time researching routes, what I need, jobs, insurance etc and started to forget why I was going in the first place. Another good motivational site is lots of tips and inspiring  posts.

I also booked my 1st nights accommodation in Brazil to help get myself in the zone. A friend of mine recommended Che Legarto Hostel Ipanema and after looking up their website <a href="http://www.chelegarto/ It looks like a good place to start. Bar, WiFi, kitchen, breakfast etc and most importantly they offer an airport transfer. The hostel is 23euros a night and airport transfer will be a good bit extra but I think for piece of mind as a solo female traveller splashing out has to be done. I can see me in much need of a strong drink after 12 hours travelling and settle the nerves of the 1st night.!
The struggle of the backpack choice is still ongoing. The wheels or no wheels debate is hurting my head at this stage. So many people are giving me brilliant advice for both sides that now I'm just confused. So hopefully my next post will include a picture of my decided bag!