4 Days in Uyuni

I spent so long writing this post and then it just disappeared! So I will try and recap but after La Paz my memory is fading!
We set off at 8am in our jeep. Me in the front and 3 French girls and the guide. We did 10hours driving the 1st day through amazing scenery, mountains, lama fields.


We stopped in a ghost town for a delicious lunch and we eventually arrived at our hostel. It was extremely cold and basic which we had been warned about. We had a huge dinner and lots of tea and biscuits before bed. Thank God I rented a sleeping bag, it was well needed!
The next morning we were up early to start our tour of the lagoons. This day was a lot more stops at beautiful lagoons. Laguna Verde was stunning!


Our guide told us about each lagoon and every place we stopped so we knew the history of each place. We got to swim in hot springs before lunch and use natural shampoo from the lagoon.


We finished this day at Lagoon Colorada which is a red lagoon with hundreds of flamingos on it. I loved the flamingos and you see lots on this trip.Back to another basic hostel but this one had a hot stove lighting for a few hours at least. Ofcourse I burnt my only jacket off the stove and I’m still wearing it! #desperatetimes (Sorry Mammy!)


The third day was another early start. We saw the Dali rock formations, more amazing scenery, lagoons and had lunch right beside more bright pink flamingos.


After a few boring stops at a mummy museum and old trains we drove ny sunset to our salt hostel, where the walls and floors were made of salt. Again very basic but we were well fed as usual but at this stage we were all feeling the tiredness.
Up the last morning at 5 to make the sunrise on the Saltflats. It was so worth it!! We really needed the pick me up at this stage and we definitely got it. The colours of the sky against the endless white of the salt was out of this world! I’m so lucky to have experienced it.


We had breakfast at the Base of the Inca hill in the middle of the flats, followed by hours of taking funny pictures on the flats. Our guide was great for ideas!


After some short stops at The Salt Hotel, markets and train cemetary we were dropped off in dusty Uyuni, tired, cold and in desperate need of a shower!


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