Cartagena has it all

Another windy, cold, uncomfortable bus later and wer in Cartagena. Our hostel Mamallena is on a busy street of shops, hostels, small restaurants and food stalls.  We checked into our spacious, air-conned 8 bed dorm and had a much needed shower. Cartagena is hot and humid, very humid! But luckily for me it wasnt as bad as usual over the few days I was there.
We went for the evening walking tour to see the old town. The old town is gorgeous! It’s protected so there’s no modern architecture. There’s a great buzz around the old city it’s touristy but not pushy. The people here are so friendly.


Unfortunately the walking tour was not the best we learned very little about the history of this walled city but we did get to walk around and see the beautiful squares and expensive houses. We finished just in time to get a glass of wine while looking at the sunset



Back to the hostel then to predrink.with others in the hostel before the weekly Wednesday rooftop party in the hostel across the road. Great night good mix of Gringos and locals 🙂
Next day was pretty relaxed. We walked to the nearby rich town Bocegrande to have a look in the shopping centre and walk along the beaches. We ended up in a salon getting our eyebrows done for less than 3 euro! Sure you couldn’t take advantage of that! 😉
When we got back we walked to Trindad square to see the street performers and all the locals gathered eating and drinking and watching the entertainment outside. So cool to see such social occasions happening everynight and everyone supporting eachother. Love the cult



The next morning we got up early for our boat trip to the islands. We snorkeling near Rosario Island in the crystal blue



We relaced with a seafood lunch and a cocktail on Playa Blanca. The beach has powdery white sand and the water is warm and crystal clear. Definitely worth


Playa Blanca

the trip!

Had dinner with dew from the hostel when we got back and ended up having a few drinks and going to a nearby club with a live salsa band. So I got more than a few


Havana Nightclub

dances in! 🙂

Luckily the next day the volcano mud baths didn’t go until 1.30. I had been warned in advance about the mud bath thank God! It was the weirdest experience I have ever had. Climbing down a ladder into a tiny crowded mud pit where ur offered massages by Colombian men. The mud is so thick it keeps u completely afloat. Afterwards you walk down to the river where there are women waiting to offer to wash you. No thanks! I’m still gladly did it though such an experience and it got rid of the hangovery, my skin was fairly soft


The Volcano

after it aswell!

By the time.we got back I was craving some local food so went for a local 3 euro menu. Soup, steak, salad, rice, plantain beans and a lemonade. Hit the spot before hitting a night club in old town to say goodbye to Cartagena


Local food is best! 🙂

on our lastnight 😦

P.S. I’m still loving the Colombian arepas available on every street corner. In Cartagena I discovered ‘arepa con huevo’. An arepa filled with egg and sometimes meat. Reall


Arepa con huevo

y good in the mornings.


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