On the bike again…Mui Ne

I was delighted I was able to put my bag on a bus and hop on the bike again from Dalat to Mui Ne. We left at 9am for what should have been an easy few hours drive. The road was nice and wide and surprisingly good views which we wernt expecting. We met a group of Asian bikers at one of the main viewpoints and we’re straight away surrounded by selfie sticks and they all wanted pictures with us.


Selfie Stick gang

What I loved about this drive was that in a matter of hours the road went from mountainous and green to barren and dessert like. Such a huge contrast in a short amount of time.


About an hour in to the drive me met two friends from the Dalat hostel on their scooters. Within minutes one of their scooters broke down. We pulled in at a rest stop with tons of hammocks and a really friendly family who gave us a huge jug of Vietnamese tea and helped us find a rope so Nick could tow him to a mechanic nearby.
So we arrived to Mui Ne later than planned, hungry, sandy and in bad need of a shower. We got to our hostel Mui Ne Hills and couldn’t believe our luck when she upgraded us to a villa for free!! A pool with a sea view and all!!
So we immediately changed our minds to stay 2 nights instead of one.
We got some much-needed food and then went to the red sand dunes for sunset. The views on the way of the fishing boats were really nice. The red dunes themselves I didn’t find to be anything to spectacular bit after the dunes of Peru I’m a bit of a dune snob! 😉 We had a look at the beach aswell which wasnt the best but watching the kite surfing was cool.


Fishing boats

Chilled out with a cheap bottle of red wine that night at our villa feeling like flashpackers! 🙂
Got up bright and early the next morning foe a swim in the pool before going to The Fairy Stream. It’s only 5000 to get in and you walk through ankle-deep river water to see a nice canyon wall with random cows hanging out and an ostrich farm where you can ride ostriches! No thanks! Stream was worth a look though.


Frolicking in the stream

We had some delicious lunch in a local plastic chair restaurant. Vietnamese chicken pancake Banh Xeo. Best one I’ve tasted.
After lunch Nick surprised me with a motorbike lesson on a dead end road we found. I loved it! I had great support from a local and his son sitting in the shade giving me the thumbs up every time I passed.


Delighted with myself!

Then it was back to the pool to relax for a bit before reuniting with Dana again. We went on a mission to find ‘Soup Taxi Stand Lady’  that I had read about in travel blogs and we found her. Well we think we did anyway! The soup was a noodle soup with dumplings and pork and it was unreal and only 20000!
Mui Ne was better than I expected but still not amazing. The villa definitely made it and the landscape around it is worth a trip.


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