I made it to Cambodia! Pnomh Penh

So despite all budget problems I have somehow managed to get to Cambodia. I won’t be able to afford to explore the country as much as I would like but with a lot of street food only and cheap hostels hopefully I’ll make it for a week or so.
I got the easy 6hour bus from Ho Chi Min to Pnomh Penh. Border was no problem the friendly driver took care of everything for us. We arrived at approx 11pm and we were so lucky to be staying at a friend’s house we had both met in Chiang Mai! We stayed up late chatting and catching up.
Slow start the next morning with an amazing breakfast made by our friends mam. We were spoilt! We walked into the centre, to the riverside and checked out the monuments. We went to the cafe that’s run by women who were trafficked. Really nice cafe by the river. It was Christopher Street say so there was meant to be a tuk tuk race on but after searching and asking a lot of bewildered but helpful people we gave up and walked to the market instead.


Central Market

The market was huge but not too chaotic so it was nice. We got some really good cheap lunch; a Cambodian Banh Xeo and the best fresh spring roll I’ve had on my trip. We were delighted to see cheap food because it’s immediately obvious that Cambodia is a lot more expensive than Vietnam.
We got back in time to meet our friend Paul after work. We went for good but cheap Japanese food near his place and then got some 2 dollar whisky to drink before heading out. As it was Christopher Street day,which Is basically gay pride we went to the gay club for the festival closing party. We had a great night! Free dance shows, 90s music and the Colombians are so friendly so I was making new friends all night!


Making friends with the DJ!

As the next day was Sunday we spent it with Paul and his mam. Food and markets and the Russian market which is also a good market but a lot busier and chaotic but more handcrafts. That night we went to reunite with my friend Corina for some food, I travelled all of Malaysia with and a lot of Thailand! I love reunions! I got the famous beef lok lak it was nice but don’t think I had a great version.
Up early the next morning to go to The Killing Fields. It’s an expensive day out but it’s worth it. I had no idea the Khmer Rouge was so devastating, the audio tour is really well done too.


After that we were back to the central market again for some cheap lunch,noodle soup this time. Pretty good aswell although the pork will never be like Vietnam!


Still on the noodle soup!

Again we got back in time to see Paul after work and enjoy some rare couch time! Miss a comfy couch so much! Looking forward to my home recliners when I get back 🙂
Paul shares my live for fresh spring rolls so we decided to make use of having a kitchen and make our own. So easy and fun at the same time, not to mention so tasty!!


Spring roll making

We decided to go to Seim Reip next to meet another friend I met in Thailand and also because the weather on the islands is bad at the moment. Probably not the most sensible decision since I’m going to Bangkok next but no point seeing beaches in the rain :/ decisions decisions….
So we got a night bus that night at 11pm and said goodbye to Paul, his mam and the comfy couch 😦


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