Surprised by Siem Reap

The overnight bus wasnt the most comfortable but was short and did the job. Arrived at our hostel at 6am to be told we couldn’t check in until 3pm! Joys of hostel life! We went on the hunt for some cheap breakfast and found a 1.25 rice and noodle lady down the road. People here again are so friendly and always smiling even if they’re not selling you something 🙂
We explored the pub Street and market for a bit but the heat was soon fairly unbearable so we went back to make use of the hostel pool and wait for a friend who was joining us. For lunch I grabbed some cheap fresh spring rolls at the market. I’m going to miss fresh spring rolls so much!


Downtown hostel. 3dollars a night! 🙂

I researched tuk tuk drivers as I had seen some recommended on traveller Facebook pages. It’s a huge business here because it’s the common way to go see the temples. We went down town for 25c beers and doing a really good local cheap restaurant that was our haunt for the few days.


Khmer cuisine isnt too different from Vietnam

This banana blossom salad was amazing and the local Khmer sauce/curry is a delicious peanut based sauce and they serve everything with coconut rice. Yum!
We had an early night as we were booked in for a 4.30am tuk tuk to Angkor Wat. Chay Chou was waiting for us bang on time with his very comfortable pink seated tuk tuk with a mini fridge with water and hand towels for us. We decided on the small loop as it’s the cheapest and just covers the main temples. It’s an expensive day out with the ticket being 20dollars plus 6dollars each for the tuk tuk after some of my well-practiced bargaining of course!
Unfortunately for us the morning was very cloudy so the sunrise was fairly non-existent but the temple Angkor Wat itself cheered us up. It was amazing!! So huge and so much to see. To go upstairs you must have your shoulders covered, we had scarves but they weren’t allowed so a woman in the line in front of us gave us two spare shorts she had I’m her bag! How jammy are we?! I also met a girl I travelled Cat Ba with roaming around the temple aswell, small world!


Our disappointing sunrise

After Angkor Wat we saw some smaller temples, the Victory Gate, Bayron Temple which has all the faces inbuilt. It was amazing! Lastly we saw the Tomb Raider temple as it’s known now. Full of huge trees growing through the rubble, it was unbelievable to see.


Angelina Jolie territory!

I didn’t think I could be impressed by Temples but I really was. Well worth the money. Our tuk tuk driver was a really good guide aswell telling us loads about each temple so that helped too. We were back by 11.30 and we got some early lunch and had a much-needed nap. We had a wander around the markets and got a few bits, bargaining is very easy here and expected. We got our bus booked and had some 2 dollar whisky bottles between us. Visited the cheap cocktail carts that line the river. I ate a fried tarantula and fried insects of some sort from a street stall. Pretty tasty actually just very chewy! We danced in the local bars for a bit with a mix of locals and tourists. Good bars here and good music and again everyone so friendly.


Siem Reap is somewhere you could definitely get comfortable and spend a while as it’s small and condensed but cheap and friendly. There isn’t a huge amount to do other than the temples but its a well-kept town and nice to stroll around.


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