Eid in Oman

Perks of living in Dubai is some extra holidays 🙂 In September Eid is celebrated in the UAE. When we found out we were getting a week off for it we decided we had to go somewhere. The most cheap and cheerful option was Oman so a group of us got together and decided to go for a few nights. 

We got together booked some cheap flights, found a bargain hotel and booked two day trips all before we left. Way more organised than I’m used to! 

The flight was quick and easy and we rented a cheap that could fit 7 of us which was handy. The first evening we just had a drive around and went for some food. No alcohol available so we drank back at the suite instead but had an early enough night for an early start in the morning. 

We met our boat driver at the nearby marina at 8am. We had a big enough boat to ourselves where we could just chill out and soak up the sun while the friendly driver brought us to firstly see dolphins. There was so many we couldn’t believe it! Very proud of this shot! 

After spending a bit of time watching the dolphins and following them we were brought to a few different fishing spots, where we all with some serious effort, all caught a fish each! It was a good laugh and we had the music going and enjoyed the sun at the same time. 

We decided to order in dinner that evening and have some drinks in the hotel. Drinking games and the likes. 

We enjoyed a bit of a lie in the next morning before going on a road trip to the surrounding mountains and hill tops to see really nice views and get lost in random little villages. It was good exploring. 


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