Summer 2017

Iv abandoned the blog in the last few months. I blame the madness and fast pace of life I’ve had in Dubai. I have definately made the most of my first year there, trying every new brunch, making friends, breakfasting in different places every weekend and at the same time attempting to survive a new and extremely stressful job.

I’m lucky enough to have a summer ahead of me with no weddings so I am free to make plans. I decided to go home to Ireland for 3 weeks to catch up with family and friends or id be disowned! Ofcourse as I could have predicted it was an insane few weeks of zipping around Ireland meeting everyone. Great fun though and great to spend time with family (and lots of hangovers!)

I decided to spend the rest of the Summer between Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia is a place I always had on my list and I always regretted not finishing Malaysia completley on my around the world trip. 4 weeks seemed like enough time to do it so I went for it.

So here I am after a quick stop over and quick unpack and repack at my apartment in Dubai I am now in Bali. I landed at 4pm to a chatoc airport full of a mix of travellers and honeymooners. By the time I made it my nearby hotel ‘The Pavillion’ in Kuta, I wasnt able for much.

I braved the scooter riddled dark streets for a stroll and used trip advisor and maps to find a decent local street food. Food was limited but so so tasty and 1.20euro for the whole thing with a fresh mango juice 🙂

I did some more explorong in the busy streets but had to admit defeat and comeback to get some much needed sleep. More exploring planned for tomorrow. 🙂